The Role of Marxist Critical Thought of Legal Philosophy in the Construction of Students' Sports Psychology


  • Yongjie Chen College of Philosophy, Guizhou University, Guiyang, China


Marxism; Philosophical critical thinking; Basketball; Psychological tactics; application


Objective: As the basketball level rises, the paradox that the theoretical research of psychological tactics lags behind practice becomes more pronounced. This study is undertaken to enhance the pupils' psychological tactics training and scientific level. This study's primary purpose is to examine the effect of long-term training and competition on basketball players' propensity for critical thinking. Methods: The author blends pertinent critical thinking theories from Marxist legal theory with psychological and tactical elements. Using literature, expert interviews, surveys, and quantitative statistics, the importance of critical thinking in the psychological and tactical application process is explored from the standpoint of information gathering, processing, and decision selection and application. Using SPSS17.0, the studied data and pertinent data were obtained. Results: Based on the CUBA Chinese University Basketball Association's test of the critical thinking tendency, it can be determined that basketball players have developed some elements of the critical thinking tendency after long-term training and competition. Conclusion: In the context of modern basketball's evolution, the cognitive ability of decision-makers has a significant impact on decision-making. To attain scientific and rational decision-making in the current competitive climate, decision-makers must possess high decision-making thinking skills. Basketball players have a solid training foundation in critical thinking.




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The Role of Marxist Critical Thought of Legal Philosophy in the Construction of Students’ Sports Psychology. (2023). Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 32(1), 21-30.