Analysis on Promotion of Sports and Ideological and Political Education to Students' Physical and Mental Health


  • Haonan Zhang China University of Geosciences (Beijing)


Cheerleading; Ideological and political education, Physical and mental health, Physical education courses


To effectively implement ideological and political education within the physical education curriculum, it is proposed to analyze physical education in conjunction with ideological and political education. The influence of cheerleading on the physical and emotional health of 120 elementary school pupils were the research's focus. This paper investigates and intervenes in the six physical fitness indicators and the eight dimensions in the MHRSP primary school students' mental health scale and analyzes the effect and causes of integrating sports and ideological and political education to promote students' physical and psychological health. When determining the sample size of the experimental object, the following formula is used: N=t2P(1-P)/e2, where the accuracy percentage (E) is 0.5, the variation degree of the sample, the confidence (P) is 95%, the error is 10%, and the t-probability degree is constant 1.96; the total number is N=96,04. The results indicated no significant differences between elementary school students' six physical fitness indicators: height, weight, vital capacity, 1-minute sit-ups, 50mx8 round-trip running, and sitting forward flexion (p>0.05). Before and after the experiment, there were substantial differences between the experimental group and the control group. As an essential component of education and instruction, physical education curricula can not only improve students' physical health and cognitive abilities but also inspire students' enthusiasm for learning, which is favorable to enhance the mental health of primary school students. Simultaneously, promoting ideological and political courses and teaching higher vocational and physical education can help accomplish the pedagogical objective of "cultivating people by virtue."




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Analysis on Promotion of Sports and Ideological and Political Education to Students’ Physical and Mental Health. (2022). Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 31(4), 21-30.