Nexus between Basketball Players' Advertisement and Psychological Attraction of Food Brands: A Study of Consumer Behavior towards Food Product


  • Yanlan Chen Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Mengyuan Kong Sports College, Dankook University, 16890 Yongin, South Korea.
  • Tsung-Hsien Kuo Department, University, Associate professor of Department of Banking and Finance, College of Business and Management, Tamkang University, New Taipei City 151, Taiwan
  • Misbah ul Islam Department of Business Administration, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Saudi Electronic University, (Jeddah -M), Riyadh 11673, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Kuo, Yen-Ku Professor of Bachelor Program in Leisure Industry Management, Commercial College, Chinese Culture University, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Showkat Ahmad Lone Department of Basic Sciences, College of science and theoretical studies, saudi electronic university, (Jeddah-M), Riyadh 11673, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Basketball Players, Advertisement, Food Brands, Psychological Attractions, Changing Behavior, Consumer Behavior, Food Items, Product Purchase, Brand Endorsement.


It is vital for technology to advance and for the brand to obtain public recognition to achieve competitive supremacy. It is impossible to deploy without an adequate marketing, awareness, and execution strategy, as well as structured advertising approaches. As a result, advertising is an important strategy for marketing products to consumers. This research article makes a case for examining the psychological appeal of food brands associated with basketball players and customer behavior while making product purchases. If a well-known celebrity appears in a commercial, people will strongly influence the brand or product. Psychological Attraction (PA) and Food Brand Advertisement (FBA) were independent variables in the research framework. Customer Behavior (CB) was used as the Independent Variable. Nonetheless, data was gathered from 100 customers. SEM PLS 3 was used to analyze the collected data. The results suggested that the association between PA à CB is a non-significant link; however, the relationship between FBA àCB is significant.




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Yanlan Chen, Mengyuan Kong, Tsung-Hsien Kuo, Misbah ul Islam, Kuo, Yen-Ku, & Showkat Ahmad Lone. (2022). Nexus between Basketball Players’ Advertisement and Psychological Attraction of Food Brands: A Study of Consumer Behavior towards Food Product. Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 30(4), 30–39. Retrieved from