The effect of physical fitness exercise on relieving psychological anxiety of college students


  • Xiaoliang Zhu Jiangnan University
  • Huaping Cheng


College students, Physical exercise, Psychological anxiety, depressed


The study aims to determine whether engaging in physical activity reduces college students' psychological anxiety. With the assistance of college physical education teachers, this study uses random cluster sampling, literary analysis, and mathematical statistics. Measurement data are expressed by mean and standard deviation while counting data are expressed by frequency and percentage. It has been determined that the detection rates for inactivity among college students were 56.5%, anxiety was discovered at 22.2%, and depression was identified at 34.9%. The general state of exercise, anxiety, and sadness among college students is not encouraging, with depression and inactivity being more pronounced. Higher levels of physical activity can lead to lower sadness and anxiety scores and higher levels of mental wellness. The study has shown that kids who experience low anxiety may learn well, and anxiety can be managed by physical exercise and fitness. In this regard, the study has stressed that parents and college administration play a crucial role in encouraging college students to maintain the physical fitness required for their mental health and advance their academic careers. Psychological anxiety has been the subject of numerous studies, but this study has improved the model of psychological novelty with physical activity and physical fitness. This is a unique literary contribution.




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The effect of physical fitness exercise on relieving psychological anxiety of college students. (2022). Revista De Psicología Del Deporte (Journal of Sport Psychology), 31(4), 42-51.