Fostering Athletes' Mental Resilience: Artistic Innovation and AI in Sports


  • Quan Xia Department of Global Fine Arts,The Graduate School, Kyonggi University,Suwon 16227, Gyeonggi, Korea


Artificial intelligence era; sports painting creation; painting applications; Athletes'; sports


As artificial intelligence (AI) technology rapidly advances, the world of artistic innovation in sports paintings encounters both unprecedented challenges and exciting opportunities. AI's capacity to learn pushes the boundaries of traditional creative thinking within the realm of sports art, introducing a more diverse and intelligent approach to the creative process. However, the actual ecosystem for creativity and its application within this context lacks a robust management model, necessitating fundamental theoretical innovation and standardized discipline.This exploration embarks on a journey to elucidate the practical applications of AI technology in the creation of sports art. It delves into the pivotal roles played by AI professionals, creative artists, and viewers in shaping the future of sports art innovation. It paves the way for an innovative approach to sports painting and decorative art, grounded in AI intelligence.Emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between human and AI capabilities, intelligent product development, artistic creation, and the constraints on creative behavior, this inquiry dives into emerging application areas. Through this lens, it seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the essential cycles of innovation in the field of sports plastic art, driven by the transformative power of artificial intelligence.




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